Friday, 21 January 2011

Congratulations to Edwin and Jane

Edwin and Jane recently pictured with their son

And then there were 10 (I think). Edwin and Jane Barnes have become the 9th and 10th people to join the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. They were received earlier today into the Roman Catholic Church and take their place alongside the three other former anglican bishops, Mrs Boadhurst, Mrs Newton, and the three Walsingham sisters. Edwin Barnes has for many years been a source of energy and inspiration in the anglo-catholic movement. Their loss is the Ordinariate's gain as well as a boon for the Roman Catholic Church at large. His years training young men for the priesthood at S. Stephen's House has shaped many churches and priestly careers. Many of those priests have already gone ahead before him into the full communion of the Roman Catholic Church. Similarly his years as the first anglican bishop of Richborough helped to steady many parishes in those dark years following 1993/94.

We continue to keep both Edwin and Jane in our prayers as they continue their journeys, and as Edwin prepared for his ordination to the diaconate and presbyterate before lent. You can read Edwin's account of today here.


  1. Thank you, that's most kind. Edwin

  2. David Silk had also been received into the RC church, so I think it may be numbers 10 & 11!

  3. Yes David Silk and his wife Joyce have been received. A round dozen it is.